Miscellaneous Mallets

The Field Series keyboard mallets cover the full range of all keyboard percussion instruments. The mallets feature 11/32" thicker birch handles for added weight and durability. More

The Unwound Series consists of various shaped rubber and plastic heads to supply a wide range of tonal options and dynamic levels for all keyboard and auxiliary percussion instruments. More

Concert Bass Drum Mallets

These mallets are truly unique and an affordable option for school groups and student percussionists. They are covered with a durable felt-like synthetic material and produce a full, rich tone. More

Mallet Packs

Mallet packs come with a

stick/mallet bag and a

collection of mallets to play

all of the standard

percussion instruments. There are two standard configurations and we can make any custom combination of your choice. Read more.

Specialty Items

We offer a wide variety of specialty products for drummers of all styles. Cymbal, Drum Circle, Swizzle Sticks, Chopstix, and Gong Mallets. More


Smith Mallets come standard with satin finished birch handles that have been carefully sorted and checked for quality. All keyboard mallets are also available with premium rattan handles. The sticks are matched by pair for size and flexibility. Rattan diameters vary between 8mm-10mm. All marimba mallets are 16 1/4" long. All other mallets are 15" long.

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